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Emergency Procedures

West Virginia University has a large capacity to assist students through a variety of support systems. Please see this helpful aid to assist you in determining next steps for emergent situations involving students on campus.

Guidance for Student Concerns and Emergencies

Emergencies | Seek Help Immediately, then report to CARE

Is there a life-threatening medical emergency or an imminent threat to self or others?  → Call 911
Has the student expressed threats of violence towards themselves or others? → UPD 304-293-COPS Threat Assessment Communications Team (TACT) or law enforcement response
Has the student allegedly broken a law? → UPD 304-293-COPS Threat Assessment Communications Team (TACT) or law enforcement response

Example: Student says, “I hate this class, I‘m going to bomb it so I don’t have to go anymore this semester.”

Activate the Experts | Act Now, CARE report if extra support needed

Is the student exhibiting unhealthy psychological behavior, expressed suicidal thoughts, or expressed interest in counseling? Carruth Center | 304-293-4431 (after hours press 1) Crisis Clinic for urgent concerns | Mon. - Fri. 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Was the student allegedly involved in a Title IX reportable situation? Title IX | 304-293-5600, Hotline: 304-906-9930

Example: Student has an advising appointment and mentions thoughts of suicide.

Follow Procedures | Consultation encouraged

Is there a process within your department/office to resolve the situation? Contact appropriate personnel
Was the student allegedly involved in a violation of the Student Code of Conduct? Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities  
Is the student exhibiting a CARE behavior of concern? CARE Team | 304-293-8111

Example: Student is being disruptive in the classroom setting and the behavior cannot be managed by faculty

Call Immediately (after reporting to first responders)

Serious accident, injury, or death of a student Carrie Showalter (Campus and Community Life) | 304-293-5611 or 304-906-9626

Please note that Deans and Directors receive a more detailed document with reporting lines sent annually in August.

Should an on-campus concern arise that is not outlined above, please refer to this list of emergency supports: and where to report concerns:

Resources available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

  • Carruth Center for Counseling and Psychological Services: 304-293-4431
  • University Police Department: 304-293-2677
  • Title IX anonymous on-call line: 304-906-9930
  • The nearest hospital emergency department: 1 Medical Center Drive, Morgantown, WV 26505, 304-598-4000

Resources available during business hours while the University is open: