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Campus and Community Safety

Immediate Emergency Assistance

West Virginia University Police Department

  • University Resource, on-campus, Evansdale
  • 304-293-3136 (24/7)

The University Police Department provides emergency response, public safety, and prevention efforts to the WVU campus community. For crimes/emergencies that occur on University property, calling UPD serves as an alternative to 911.

M.E.C.C.A. 911

911 Resource

Dispatch for emergencies in the Morgantown area including police, fire, and emergency medical services response as well as animal control calls.

Title IX

Incidents of discrimination or harassment

  • University Resource, off-campus, Evansdale
  •   304-906-9930 24/7 Anonymous Hotline

The Office of Equity Assurance provides an anonymous hotline for WVU community members to receive support and understand options related to incidents of sexual misconduct, discrimination, or harassment. To file a non-anonymous report, contact the Director of Equity Assurance/Title IX Coordinator, James Goins Jr., at 304-293-5600 or (not a 24/7 response option).

Rape and Domestic Violence Information Center (RDVIC)

shelter/safe house and other services

  • Safehouse location given upon contact

RDVIC provides services for individuals who need immediate assistance due to domestic violence, rape, intimate partner violence, and other life-threatening situations. They have an emergency hotline, a safehouse, advocates, and much more.

Local Police Agencies

Agency Area Served Non-Emergency/Tip Line Website
University Police Department WVU Campus 304-293-2677
Morgantown Police Department Morgantown city limits 304-284-7522, EXT. 0
Anonymous Tip Line 304-284-7520
Granville Police Department Granville city limits 304-599-5080
Star City Police Department Star City city limits 304-599-6382
Westover Police Department Westover city limits 304-296-6576
Monongalia County Sheriff Areas in the county not specified above 304-291-7260

Emergency App and Campus Blue Towers

WVU Alert

  •  University Resource

WVU alert provides timely emergency information via text message and email to WVU community members. Students are automatically enrolled in this service and other community members need to register. There is great care and stipulations for issuing alerts, which is explained in great detail on the safety and wellness website.

LiveSafe App

  •  University Resource

On-demand communication with WVU Police to report concerns or seek help using text, picture, video, and audio. It also lets you virtually walk your friends and family home with SafeWalk, location ​sharing during emergencies, access to safety resources and phone numbers, and a safety map with key safety locations to keep you “in the know”, including info about emergency instructions.

Campus Blue Towers

  •  University Resource

WVU offers Blue Emergency Towers throughout each of the three campus locations for students to utilize if presented with an emergent situation. These towers have a phone and an emergency button that will illuminate a flashing red light when pressed. When then phone is picked up, it is immediately connected to 911 and University Police, who will dispatch to your location. Click on the link above to see maps of Emergency Blue Tower locations throughout each of the campuses.


University Police Department

Safety and De-escalation

WVU University Police provide several trainings that are available and free to WVU student and staff groups. Verbal De-Escalation training teaches skills to mitigate conflicts, P.R.O.T.E.C.T. provides self-defense techniques, and Active Shooter helps individuals prepare and respond to an active shooter situation.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DEI Training Information

  •  University Resource, off campus, Evansdale
  •   304-293-5600

The Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion provide a wide range of training offerings to our community members. Additional training pertaining to Title IX and Children on Campus can be found on their respective sites.

Safe Zone Training

LGBTQ+ Ally Training
  •  University Resource, on-campus, Downtown
  •   304-293-9594

The LGBTQ+ Center provides bi-monthly and by request trainings for WVU community members to learn about being a good ally. In addition to general Safe Zone, the Center also offers Trans and Healthcare specific versions of Safe Zone training.