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Roommate Resources

The Off-Campus Housing Office can assist you in finding a roommate or finding someone to sublet your apartment. Simply fill out the appropriate form and click submit, and I will receive notification of your request. Please note that all postings will be deleted after 90 days unless you ask for an extension. If you would like for your submission to remain active beyond the 90-day period, email Brian Walker at If you find a mistake in your submission, contact Brian so that he may make the changes you need. If you find a roommate, please notify Brian so that he may remove your listing.

If you currently have housing and are searching for a roommate (You may use this link to post subleases)

If you do not have housing but are looking to find a roommate or sublease

Subletting is when you want to move and find someone to live in the apartment and pay rent in your place. Typically, in order to sublet, you have the subtenant sign a lease with you, called a sublease. You actually become the subtenant’s landlord. The new lease between you and your subtenant has nothing to do with the lease between you and your landlord. You are still responsible for all rent, damages, and all requirements and restrictions under the lease between you and your landlord. In a few cases, the landlord may let you terminate your lease and will sign the new tenant to a separate lease. If you have an individual lease, most often you will need to find someone to relet your space in the apartment; if you are successful, the property manager will sign the new tenant to a contract and cancel yours.

If you are currently seeking someone to sublet your apartment, choose the first link above to key in the necessary data. Before attempting to sublease your apartment, please check with your landlord and your signed lease to be sure that subletting is permitted. Your landlord may require approval of the new tenant; check your lease for details. You may also wish to consult our attorneys at Student Legal Services for assistance.


In order to offer our students safe and secure housing, only registered WVU students may post a roommate wanted listing on our site. All requests will be verified by Campus and Community Life. If users do not meet the requirement, their posting will be denied. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding of this issue.