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Sublet/Re-let Listings

The Off-Campus Housing Office can assist you in finding a roommate or finding someone to sublet your apartment.

Visit and submit a request. You can also update your info if your status changes.

Subletting is when you want to move and find someone to live in the apartment and pay rent in your place. Typically, the first step in subletting your apartment is to check your lease to see if your landlord permits subletting. Some leases will not allow subletting, some will have a subletting fee, and some will allow you to sublet if you find a replacement for them. Off-Campus Housing recommends you schedule a meeting with Student Legal Services to discuss your options. You can do this by visiting the Student Legal Services website and click the “Apply for Services” link. If you are having issues with your landlord, we also suggest you fill out the SLS application. If you are currently seeking someone to sublet your apartment, choose the first link above to key in the necessary data.